Is Forex trading a game?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Passer's_Son, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Deutche bank as forex brokers?..have you seen the platform they use?.......LOL laughable !! Im sure they find suckers who will trade with them just because of their notoriety..
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  2. Surdo


    It's the exact same platform as FXCM.
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    That's true though. DbFX is white label of FXCM. I don't trade with them.
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  4. with a slight difference - it has the DB logo on it, why would DB agree for their name to be associated with it if it's such a shaky platform? obviously someone there thought it was a good idea to collaborate with whoever it was that wrote the program.
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  5. Remember, just because you have not the ability to trade 400x1 on an account doesn't mean anybody else could not.

    Trading is a very strange phenomenon. Reminds me the old story of the elephant in a dark room. everybody touch a part of it and judge based on his own experience.

    Leverage can be a formidable tool in the hands of knowledged traders.
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  6. I agree, but I thought someone could explain to me why on earth would anyone think it's logical to trade with such huge leverage.

    so far, no luck...
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  7. 50x leverage is the max i would use. I'm rarely ever in a position longer than 15 minutes though.
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  8. Dr_Spread


    how long do you usually stay with your regular position? and which leverage do you usually use?
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  9. the idea of retail fx trading being a game is ok
    most games if not professionalized have public tournaments requiring a certain level of
    expertise in order to win, as does fx trading

    US etc retail fx brokers are bookmakers
    in the UK there are 2 types of fx bookmakers, spreadbetting companies and fx brokers
    in general spread bet profits are not taxed whereas fx profits are

    maximum leverage amounts are the minimum bet an fx broker will accept

    lets say a trader opens a $500 margin account to trade $25 margin mini contracts and
    will risk 2 minis per trade, 10% of their account

    another trader chooses with a $500 mini account to trade one $200 margin mini contract
    what advantage does that margin amount provide ?

    what it boils down to is how good the trader is at winning
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  10. 5-10 minutes
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