Is Fixi a reputable broker? Any opinion?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by braveheart2008, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. I want to open $100k fx account with fixi.
    But it seems few people dealing with them.
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    What made you interested in them?
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    If you have that much money to trade, I would suggest currency futures.

    The benefits. Real volume. Real charts based on actual market feed not broker based charts.

    Issue with data feed from brokers is that one data feed may show you got stopped out from one broker while another may show that stop was never hit.

    You pay a small fee for each futures trade but that is actually cheaper than the spread you pay for pure Forex. For example, lets assume you trade the GBP/USD. You pull up a chart by the broker and it always shows a spread of around 3 pips. If you are making even $ 100 per 10 pips, you are always losing $ 30. For futures, for the most part there is 1 tick difference between the bid and the ask.

    The brokers do trade against their client orders, I think FXCM just got fined for this and misleading advertising.

    Now some slight differences, futures market do close but if you have enough margin you can hold overnight.
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    Can you share reason behind choosing fixi as your forex broker?
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    Try to check on other forums about fixi for more info.
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    I am not familiar with fixi not have much info about this broker.
  7. Seems braveheart is fond of posting in only this part (Forex brokers/dealers) of the forums. Curious.
  8. If you do a google search with "fixi forex" and nothing shows up you should be concerned!
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