Is Felton Using Sleeper Shills

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  1. Sorry if this is untrue but it is strange that just before Felton became a sponsor a few guys started pumping his service (I even heard from London).

    These posters are not the usual pathetic 1-2 post wonders extoling the wonders of the holy grail but were guys that had a good solid poster record behind them.

    My question is were they sent in early for this purpose so when they were 'activated' they might fly under the radar? Paranoid maybe but this site gives one every reason to be
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    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. Remember. Miles to go before I sleep.
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    I tried to look up if he had some kind of trading record, but couldn't find any. (on his website)

    What is his claim to fame???
  5. Bogan7

    Guess what ... there are actual methods out in this world that work and should we not talk about those???

    Felton's method just happens to be working very well and talking about that is not a bad thing imo. Did you just want to focus on all the bad!

    Roger's system is going automated and he showed the room yesterday the system live, so he does have a good method imo.
  6. He does a daily recap of ALL trades he calls out each day with his different entry techniques. When people take the free trial he shows how the recaps are doing live. For the students of Felton Trading he gives access to recaps going back to the beginning of each year. It is straight forward and real simple to follow so the recap is not hard to track each day when you are in the room.
  7. Where did you get a picture of the head of the NSA?

  8. Guys the things is I could be wrong here and as I said on the first post if I am I am sorry (Go check) I hope Rodgers stuff does work as I also said in my first post I had heard of him from guy I know from my time in London but just the sheer volumne of positive news coming out of the blue seemed a little contrived but if I am wrong I am happy to be so.

    Good luck

    BTW Sleeper Shills are coming whether you like them or not they are simply a refinement of the current strategy also a funny name
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    Thanks for the answer. Just a few more questions:

    1. How many trades a day on average?
    2. What's the average length of the trades?
    3. What is the average daily return PER contract?
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