Is everything overbought???

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    I have been away from trading for about 6 years now. I have a method I am comfortable with but I never had enough money to trade but now do. When I open my stochastic based system I see the stochastic lines in almost every market pegged to the top of the window, due I believe to endless money printing.

    How can you trade a market that never goes down? And what markets are less propped up with worthless Bernanke dollars? I am a swing trader and prefer to hold options for 1 to 3 weeks.
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    It helps to understand the nature of markets. Like religion, they are created within the minds of mankind. Any connection to reality is tenuous, but matters not. And just as religion is believed and accepted as true and real by millions, so are markets. Both are real, neither is true. But in reality, truth does not matter. What is believed is what matters.
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    Well, if you've spent the last 6 years shining shoes. It's time to sell.

    But seriously, the mantra for the last 3-4 years is to "buy on dips".

    Why? Because Bernanke promised to keep printing money. Where is Bernanke now and what is his successor saying?

    Welcome back. If you were invested, it might be time to rebalance.
  4. Buy it :confused:
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    Follow the trend. This is also a trade. Bernanke's job is too print dollars when needed and when he did they were needed since they were concentrated at the hands of few. Those who attack Bernanke are the ones who like wealth concentration. Bernanke's action hit most the wealthy.
  6. If you buy into the premise (and I don't) it is quite a simple market to trade:


  7. You can't possibly be serious? Are you implying Bernanke helped the middle class?
  8. I see you posted this back in 2014. Fast forward to 2018, what do you think now?
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  9. The only thing not "propped" up is my opinion.
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  10. Telecom didn't do anything, neither did ge, it actually went down ...
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