Is everyone making a Ton of $$$, if not, then WHY?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by F-Trader, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Trade PD, FCX, and NEM damnit.

    I've been saying for weeks these stocks are awesome. They don't have crappy rangebounds like 15-20 cents on a 1 or 2 min bar.

    Big moves Intraday, every single day.

    I made big $$$ today on PD and FCX.:D
  2. did ya :cool:
  3. First time?
  4. HA HA HA, my thoughts exactly!!!
  5. I guess you haven't been reading my comments under the Stock forum under GOLD for the last month.

    Today was another 4k+ day. My son wants a new dirtbike, I jokingly told him if I made over $3,000 today I would buy him the bike Saturday.

    He always checks my P&L and the end of the day so he should be excited.:p
  6. What an awesome role model. :p
  7. I'm NOT a role model to them at all.

    They think Stock trading is sooooooooooooo easy. They think everyones dad makes over 1k a day.

    My kids have no clue about the real world, spoiled rotten but straight A students and involved in a lot of sports, etc...

    I tried to explain to them that the average Dad makes about $200 a day and they just look at me.

    They think all daytraders are rich and lazy. They asked me why I don't get a real job. I tried to explain but to no avail.

    Oh well, maybe when they are older.
  8. Cookie Fanookie , the king of all trades
  9. jtmarlin


    yep so easy to make money trading - i told my son if i made $10.00 today i would give him 8 bucks to go buy a toy and the other 2 bucks would go to IB for being such a good broker :p
  10. I wish I was enough of a cheerleader to give myself this kinda motivation, but I'll let the OP play with his pom poms instead.

    Good job OP, you represent the inner cheerleader in all of us! :p lol
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