Is Everyone Having Fun Today?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Aaron Copland, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Is everyone having fun trading these screaming moves, blink and its over.
  2. Since Beige book its been real choppy and volitile
  3. Still no reall move in the market yet
    Having fun watching it but when i get bored i watch Married with children on you tube
  4. If I recall, I think we are always up big before the payroll report. I seem to remember scratching my head all year long wondering why we were having such a big move before such an important report.

    So I am calling for a big up day tomorrow.
  5. I had a blast! I'm a scalper and live for those moves. Made up for the missing Monday, too! Now if my wife was here to help celebrate...
  6. ggoyal


    i am trying to apply AHG method to this since I recently started looking at futures. ES is just killin.

    I mean, I aint down or anything, but there aren't many opportunities to make money either unless you scalp out for 1-2 points, which could go either way. risk reward not justified on most trades.

    What a time to try out new things hunh?

    I think stocks are less volatile, or atleast the ones I look at, and there is opportunity to make money in them, I think I will just stick to them.

    However, today, I shorted SPY and long AIG, went pretty well. AIG held pretty well everytime SPY fell. And everytime SPY rallied, AIG went along. not bad considering the choppiness.

    I am still learning the AHG method. Any AHG guys out there do ok today?
  7. <i>"Is everyone having fun trading these screaming moves, blink and its over"</i>

    Another day, another +5pts ER single or cumulative trades. As it was yesterday, so it shall be most days each calendar month.

    Stop trying to trade every price wiggle, and learn to catch one - two chunks of the easier swings. You'll learn to like every day just the same.
  8. I'll tell her you said hello. :D

  9. Tell her to pick up some Trojans, please, on her way home.
  10. dealer


    The inability of SP to get down and stay below 1260-65 area is bloody annoying....
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