Is every firm having issiues today with nasdaq market makers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderpro, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. I have stuck quotes all over.
  2. Nasdaq is having issues.
  3. Longhorns me and you both trade with assent it may just be us. Anyone with anohter frm having issues
  4. ig0r


    Yes, NASDAQ is having issues (Bright)
  5. My other accounts are having L2 problems also.
  6. sorry but has anyone quotes been fixed yet?
  7. seems fixed as of 5 min ago. 12:05 give or take.
  8. What platform have you guys been using?

    eSignal's been absolutely messed up for me, and not just today.

    A screenshot here shows some really weird quotes - and there have been much better (or worse!) examples of it that I've been seeing.

    Laser has however been working fine for me though.
  9. ya, Laser's been fine so I hear.

    I'm on DAS, which seems better now.
  10. JM64


    are any of you guys seeing quotes from "NDAQ"...or are they coming as "INET"....?
    #10     Nov 1, 2006