Is Europe taking advantage of the strong Euro?

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Who sold the most money last week?

  1. US

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  2. Europe

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  3. Japan

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  4. Canada

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  1. 1. Who sold the most money last week.

    a) US




    Please answer before reading any further.

    2. What is Europe doing with all that money that's entering the private sector?
  2. andread


    I'm not sure if the strong euro is such a big advantage.Competition gets tougher when your currency is high. The French are starting to have so many problems that they suggested to make the central bank less independent. Thankfully Germany is there. God bless them.
    Besides, I wonder if it's better to talk about a strong euro or a weak dollar
  3. moo


    What do you mean by this question? :confused:

    I don't think the euro is fundamentally a much stronger currency than the dollar. The next recession will reveal its problems.
  4. They injected many times more money than the US. They're taking advantage of the USD's weakness to allow themselves massive capital injections without riskin any serious devaluation.
  5. if you think there is a so called carry-trade; Japan had pumped excess amount Yen into the market; then the best hedge is to buy Japan asset to ease the concert about asset bubbles in European.

    No wondering there is lack growth in Japan; It is the biggest pumping game has ever played.
  6. If you pump money into a stagnant economy you get a very different effect than if you pump money into a growing economy.