Is Europe a country?

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  1. a funny video clip...

    ==> transcript of that video

    Jeff Foxworthy (host): Budapest is the capital of what European country.

    Kellie Pickler: This might be a stupid question.

    Jeff: Im guessing its probably gonna be.

    Kellie: Okay wait, I thought Europe was a country?

    Jeff: Okay, here is your options, you could drop out with $10,000 but you got…

    Kellie (intercepts Jeff): I know they speak French there, dont they? (Jeff look shocked) Like i wanna say, is France a country? I dont know what i'm doing.

    Jeff: You know what, lets talk about your options! Kellie focus!

    Kellie: I am, like im listening what you're saying but i only hear what i want to.

    Jeff: Talks called being a woman. (crowd booed)

    Kellie: Why can't we just call the show 『Are You Smarter Than A Man'.

    – forwarded

    Jeff: The right answer is Hungary.

    Kellie: Is what?

    Jeff: Hungary.

    Kellie: Hungary?

    Jeff: Like im hungry.

    Kellie: Thats a country? I have heard of Turkey (crowd laugh) but Hungary, never heard of it.
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    That YouTube clip - actually aired nearly 3 months ago - was both mentioned and linked to yesterday in Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?. Good story... currently sitting at the top of the list of "most e-mailed" NYTimes articles.

    The singer does a great job looking, sounding and acting dumb. Some people are just naturally gifted.