Is etrade down?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by l4t13, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. l4t13

    l4t13 wont load for me? Happened about 10 minutes ago.

    Anyone else noticing this?

    not a good day for this crap.
  2. nkhoi


    usually second tier provider will have data problem on fast market moving day so anticipate it and act accordingly.
  3. l4t13


    we seem to be back online.
  4. ETrade is awful.

    I had a secondary account with them for Long term positions, BB stocks, and Options.

    It is almost impossible to get filled in even a moderately moving market. Fast moving markets are untradeable with their sh*t software.

    The customer service is laughable. I was an "E-Trade platinum" member....and the service was still disgraceful.

    Leave E-Trade before they cost you some serious cash.
  5. Etrade works for me whole day without problem.
    It seems to me that with Etrade pro platform there are no problems with fils..
    However I agree that Market trader is slow, it is difficult work with it.
    I agree that there it difficult to get high qualified reply specially about technical questions but honestly said from all software support that I am personally using the only man that can reply technical questions is Medved from Quotetracker.