Is ET representative of the current world mindset

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    Seems to me that we have a good cross section of well above average minds here at ET, and highly motivated as well.

    Do you think that ET is representative of the greater world in the way that members approach problems and opportunities.

    There seems to be an interesting and typical mix of emotion and intelligence here at ET and this is no different in the greater world.

    Therefore are the conclusions reached in some of these threads the same as they would be in the greater world or are they of a higher standard.
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    The reason for the thread is a guy told me that the only difference between ET and corporate US was structure.

    A business has a structure whereas ET is a free thinking collection of fine minds.
  3. Ok, can't resist.

    Couldn't agree less with your first paragraph.

    Agree completely with your second paragraph - your third completely contradicts the first.

    As to the final paragraph, ET is the same collection of confusion, contradiction, inexperience, stubbornness, overconfidence, and underestimation of one's ability to be utterly wrong, with a minority on either end who are either completly clueless or actually know something and perform well - same as the world at large - it is simply a microcosm.

    Just scan the thread topics - don't bother to waste time actuallly reading any of this shit - and you'll see this clearly.

    For as long as you've been here, I'm amazed you can actually ask such a thing, but as time goes by, I'm amazed by less and less no matter how exceptional or absurd.
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    gee you dont mince words do ya.

    But you agree with para 2
    Does this mean that you think the greater world would slide into anarchy if everyone enjoyed ET style freedom.
  5. No personal offense intended, jjf.

    I just think what you see is what you get here, just like elsewhere in the world.

    Would the world slide into anarchy if there was the same lack of accountabiltiy, and the ability to hide behind anonymous usernames as here on ET? I shudder to think of the possibilities.
  6. ET is representative of the mindset of a mental hospital
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    shall we assume from your response that you think anarchy is a distinct possibility in a world of ETers
  8. I think it's a good representation of guys who are addicted to the internet, want to get rich without working for it, think they know way more than they really do, and masturbate a lot, both physically and intellectually
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    Almost 200 viewings and the news very sadly is not good.

    Nobody supported the very reasonable approach that I took with this thread.

    Of the four replies, one thought my statement was funny and three Posters were very insulting to our ET family, which of course includes themselves.

    So by insulting themselves they confirmed their own statements.
    Now that is not something you see every day.

    And so it is with a heavy heart and immense sadness that I must review the failure rate of ET from 95% to 99.9%
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    oh the embarrassment
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