is ET cookies cleared for real

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Jeff700, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Jeff700


    I log out of ET recently and I got page that says.

    All cookies cleared bla bla bla

    This, if true is very refreshing and downright American thing to do. In today's world no one clears cookies and they add hard to trace flash cookies to boot. Which can only be cleared by CCleaner or going into your windows explorer and hunting them down as files manually.

    Geez I hope I didn't get management now to realize they are behind the curve and start flash and crash cooking people to death. :D :D

  2. Man who make mountain out of molehill have good future as plastic surgeon
  3. Jeff700


    that is too weird to even be considered sane or cryptic

    don't follow hershey path

    he is not as happy as he seems

  4. Boy who go to sleep with hard problem wake up with solution in hand. :)
  5. Jeff700


    ok my turn my turn

    If you pick up a calculator at noon, you will have tiger eat breakfast :p

    or even better

    if you see a bird in the sky, on rocking boat flowers bloom :p :p :p :p

    I am outta here, getting too weird for me
  6. I love this speech so much, just take a rest and then all work could be completed

  7. Man who put cream in tart is not necessarily baker.