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  1. Now I know a lot of this strange talk comes from those Europe boys and Orientals cause they are jealous that we all have big-screen TV's BBQ grills BUT it seems like everyday theres a thread where someone is sayin there's no God, or that Jesus is not the Savior, or that homosexuals should get married, or its wrong for a man to eat a lesser animal, or that President Bush isn't doin a great job, folks here criticizing the war, I mean afterall what's our oil doin underneath their sand any way! Instead of wakin up and stretchin like a yoga with that Zen and TM shit, how about a moment of Christian prayer and a pledge of allegiance! That's what gets SE in gear! When I'm tradin I'm like our guys on the Enola Gay, take no prisoners! So let's stop the bashin of the greatest place on Earth!! If Jesus were alive today he'd be preachin right here in the good ole U.S.A.
  2. There are a whole bunch of guys who agree with you!

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    I took a moment and thought about it, and decided this is probably the most idiotic post I've seen on ET. Nice work.
  5. Semper Fi Marine!

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    WTF is that supposed to mean, anyway? jewish-americans are less american than christian-americans?

    this i have to hear.
  7. If that's what you say?
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    i absolutely do not. do you?

  9. SE believes tham American's are free to worship the Being of their choice. As long as it isn't allah.
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