Is ET a trading edge?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by topherea, Jun 27, 2009.

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    Well is it?:eek:
  2. Definitely.
  3. If you fade the ET calls it should give you an edge. :p

    Most of ET is also bearish right now... and dumb money is usually wrong. Market should continue to rally! :)
  4. There is a ton of information here ... it's up to you to do what you want to with it.

    Trading is the ultimate exericse in self-responsibility.
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    There is some good information, and this information would flow with more ease if the OPs of the threads had some form of control over the replies.

    Too many unnecessary comments that are just intended to derail.
  6. no not really
  7. "dumb money"? it's not even that i'm afraid, i don't see much money here . .. :D
  8. It's a good forum here. I have learned a lot.
  9. yep, there's some interesting stuff here . . .

    BUT the title of the thread is asking if this gives you any edge, i.e., any competitive advantage in the market "war" . . .

    i don't think so . . . and it's neither good, nor bad . . .it's just a source of information, some of it filtered by experience and someone's thought process, some of it just raw information . . .

    i think this brings up the issue of what is the Internet. i've come to the conclusion that the Internet is two things:

    1) a directory (locating something, town, building, an information source, info about somebody, etc)

    2) a communication tool (exchange of ideas, sharing of experience, trying to point each other to high-quality information sources), which is what this forum is.

    3) marketing tool (selling something, e.g. content - newsletters, videos, books etc; can be more subtle like creating a discussion board, something you ultimately benefit from - this forum; brokers benefit ultimately)

    So this forum has a dual function. It ultimately serves the sponsors (and i'm not saying it's bad, just a business model), but it also helps (hopefully) ETers with finding something. As long as you understand the trade-off, i think there's nothing wrong with that.

    So an ETer's interest in finding some information, or asking about people's experience etc, is balanced by the sponsors' commercial interest in encouraging more trading generally, more discussions, promoting themselves etc. That's why this forum is free.

    Again, as long as you understand the trade-off - your interest in getting some free exchange of ideas, coupled with the sponsors' commercial interest in encouraging these discussions, i think you're ok.

    This brings us to the question of what the Internet is NOT:

    1) it's NOT going to tell you the meaning of life

    2) it's NOT going to tell you how to live

    3) it WON'T tell you how to make money

    Again, it's a huge directory and a communication tool. That's what it is. It won't give you a trading EDGE, it won't teach you a competitive advantage (if there is one), not FOR FREE.

    Let me give you an example: two very good trader's sites - alphatrends by brian shannon, and - used to be free. I was surprised by that: i mean how come honest, high-quality analysis is free?

    Well, both sites are no longer free, there's the answer to your question.

    High-quality information can't be free, or can't stay FREE for a very long period of time. If you think it's high-quality, yet FREE, grab it while you can.

    Because if it's really high-quality, it will probably become paid soon. If it stays free, it probably isn't high-quality, probably.

    There are exceptions, where people do high-quality things for educational purposes: gummy stuff, hoadley's options tools (nominal fee), mark wolfinger's options blog ( and some others . . .
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    Does anyone remember from way back? I remember there was this one daytrader on there years ago that had a system where he would go with the direction of the market as soon as it opened, and the second it paused or changed direction, he closed. He didn't win from all trades, but he said it was a high percentage system.

    He had alot of followers. I just found the site before I typed this and it doesn't look the same but it has that same stupid picture.
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