Is ET a contrarian indicator?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderjb, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Going through the forums here, it looks as if the gloom and doom postings and threads have skyrocketed. Could this be a sign of some sorts? Oh I'm sure that there are problems still, that the other shoe hasn't dropped and the market could still drop. Still, could there be some sort of magic number, nothing exact, but a range of "bad" posts versus "positive" ones? Everyone knows about the Businessweek cover indicator, but could there be an internet equivalent? :confused:
  2. notouch


    There was a guy a few weeks back who started a thread every day with a poll asking whether we would be up or down. ET members were actually quite accurate in predicting whether the day would be up or down.
  3. That's because of stockturder.
    He's an idiot.
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    u can't really use ET as a contrarian indi b/c u don't know who is calling the bluff, what if they say -ve but is really thinking +ve
  5. If Jack Hershey ever starts calling live trades then fading his signals could become the greatest system of the new millenium