is Esignal total scam ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by vitaltrader, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. I have tried Esignal charting soft
    They do not reply on email trial cancellation money never refunded, anyone has similar experience? It was long time ago about month ago.
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    Call them
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    Scam surely not, I was client with them for over 15 years. After each intervention you receive an email in which you can make remarks about their service and the solution of your problem. I know they read their own forum, so post there and they will react quickly.
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    They are a big organization and many traders use them. You should not use such titles "scam" in your postings.

    Try to call them. I think these are the numbers for them and you can send a fax as well.
    Phone: 510.264.1700.
    Fax: 510.266.6060.
    Press “1” for Billing / Customer Service.
    Press “2” for Technical Support.
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  5. Thanks for answers, MattZ, I have reason for this, I do not state it, it's question so I'm asking only other users.
    Ok will not not use such words in future.
    I have reason, before trial there was no problem with contact, now when I need my money back for trial period (cancelled before end) they do not answers on emails for weeks the same as for contact forms on website, good idea will call them tomorrow anyway it's very very strange.
    I exclude email problems well known mailbox, spam is empty.
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    eSignal is a very expensive product. Consider a product that either has free charting and/or a one-time fee and you get lifetime upgrades.

    It's up for everyone to decide for themselves, but I see no need to line the pockets of companies trying to get a monthly cash flow from you. It WON'T make a difference in your trading vs the alternatives.
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  7. run from esignal and never look back.
  8. They are certainly not crooks. I used eSignal for 10 years. The reason I stopped was that they no longer create or fix their product with the active trader in mind. They just seem to want to add stuff to impress the boss upstairs.
  9. the same, 1,5 month and I haven't my money back.
    Is there any Esignal representative here and read that ?
    Send additional requests with form, 0 answer, no money.
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