Is Esignal the only one out there?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by comp652, Jul 12, 2006.

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    Isn't there someone out there that offers a product that does the same or more as Esignal does?
    Someone that's about the same quality, or better doesn't hurt, that doesn't charge as much as esignal does?

    I am OK with their software, have used it for a while, really don't think its anything special, but would like to go down to about . . . hmmm say 40-50 USD per month including Options, scans, techs ets.

    Thanks if you have any suggestions

  2. ProphetX is as good as it's gonna get.

    I believe you could shave off $50 at least per month. Plus they have added several features, and everytime I e-mail them requesting a new feature, they always let me know they are passing it on to the dev team.

    eSignal, well, they just f*** everything up, and don't give a f*** about their customers. So they make no effort to improve or add improvements even in a timely manner.

    ProphetX does have a trial too. I got set-up with them for a trial, and if you pay the exchange fee's (like $9 per month for US equities, around $30 if level 2 data is requested).

    Good stuff
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  4. That, or you could go directly to

    7 day free trial I believe only uses 5 minute snapshots of data. So you still have to pay for the exchange fee's if you want to use live data, same thing with any other charting provider though.

    Great support though, if you have questions, just send e-mail or phone.
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    Take a look at alphaTrade,

    full service 50 bucks a month, been using it for about a year. no problems.