Is emini Russell 200 best mini to trade???

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  1. Reasons why it could be:
    1-small margin daytrade $500
    2-one point = $100
    3-small spread .10 cents

    Compare to all other index minis...please add your insight or agreement on it the emini Russell 2000 is the best emini index to daytrade...thanks,
  2. Backtest your strategy on ER2, NQ, ES and YM.

    Heck, test it on DAX, CAC-40, FTSE-100 and EuroFX EC.

    We can go on and on.

    Simply, what ever has the best profitable results...

    You now know what is best for you.

    You should also realize that someone else using a completely different strategy will most likely have backtest results that shows a different trading instrument to be the best to trade.


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    ER2 is a fairly volatile index, but the main thing that attracted me to it was the dime tick vs the .25 tick on the ES.

    You also have to trade less contracts than say the YM so commission costs can be less as well
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    Try doing size in ER (or YM or NQ).

    What I think you really mean is this:

    Whats the best strategy - big size on small moves or small size on big moves?
  5. I agree with Mark...look at today...the ER2 can give you $200 in a 2 point move...easy
  6. in , yeah er2 is the best to trade ,if you want to loose your ass in a hurry ! if your still interested, in easy come easy go , maybe take a look at the pork belly market !
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    This is of course not true. It depends on the volatility. When they move together, there is no advantage in this regard. Today for example YM had a wider range than ES...
  8. the ER2 is tight...1 point = $100..the mini dow 1 point = $5.00
  9. of course but -200$ in a 2 point if your trade is at loss. ER2 is the most risky index future. If you are newbie look at YM first then ER2 and then when you will have big capital move to ES&NQ.
  10. When it comes to trading index futs I trade ES/YM most of the time because of their good correlation, so one side can be hedged with the other and also pair trading can be done without getting too technical. ER2, however, is better correlated to the advance-decline than ES and YM, which is one of the favorite indicators I use. In terms of size, I wouldn't trade ER2 with more than a third of my usual lots for ES because of its beta/swing factor. So, say my base lot on ES is 6 and I scale up to 18 (and my corresponding YM lots from 7-21), my base on ER2 would be 2 and would hold 6 max.
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