Is Elite Trader mostly for Interactivebrokers?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cscott, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. cscott


    I wonder about the non-bias of this forum. With all of the Interactive Broker threads and ads, it appears to be a forum that is more for IB than any other broker, and the posts here seem to be biased toward InteractiveBrokers. Additionally, IB staffers respond more here than their own forums. Does anyone else see this?

    Of course, as long as any forum is supported by ads, you are always going to have a certain amount of bias, but the prejudice for IB seems higher here at EliteTrader than elsewhere. Are there any good trading forums that are not supported by broker ads?

    The reason I am posting this is because if this is true, then there is no use wasting time posting legitimate comments and questions here at EliteTrader concerning IB. I really hope that I am wrong.
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  3. You may have more users here than other places and given our satisfaction level then, yes, ET posters are mostly "for Interactive Brokers."

    Those who post legitimate issues (and some do) get helpful responses from users and ib staffers here.

    But on the other hand we get some truly stupid posters who usually combine that with an incendiary title for their threads. Longer term ET posters have seen most of the stupid comments out there so there tends to be little sympathy for those who start thread with incendiary titles and little real content. And even less for the anti-IB hangers on who leap in to support them, or turn a legit issue into a bashing, despite frequently either never having been IB customers or having had their applications refused.

    Some attack these people because they want IB to keep helping through ET threads. Thats one of my motivations but personally I also just enjoy kicking those people - a change from being a disciplined trader and a tolerant father. :)

    You are a special case as anyone who checks your history can tell. :p
  4. zdreg


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  5. cscott


    You're a father? That's amazing. I thought kiwi was a "fruit". No go away, fruit_trader. Your trollful comments have no value here.
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  8. zdreg

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    BTW, QT and IB are not free. Might be a bargain, but not free...

    And to cscott, ET is not mostly for Interactivebrokers.

    You know that, don't you?... If you don't, your problem...:D
  10. LOL cscott ... as someone who's entire posting (except the first which was perhaps the dumbest thread ever started on ET) is dedicated to a stupid attack on IB ... perhaps you will troll elsewhere?

    Its great to be able to reuse posts. Just as a reminder Cscott=troll:

    Only one person is twisting anything here .... and it started with the first post and your title for the thread.
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    Perhaps you are just another broker's shill? In that case you never were going to work it through with them ... its all just noise and illusion. So onto the next stage. Go on, leave IB, make my day

    Now, fool, just troll off quietly and hide in your dark little hole. You really are a waste of internet bandwidth. :)
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