Is Egypt a US state?

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  1. Why else is it on American news and media 24/7?

    Why does America stick its nose, full of crap, into other countries' business?

    Why do Americans assume they are part of everything that goes on around the world, this country is deteriorating like never before, yet Americans have nothing better to do than to talk about Egypt. Wow, talk about auto-self-distracting, I guess talking about other countries problems instead of ones own is like Prozac, isn't it.?
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    When you can keep your calm and not lose your head when all those about you are losing theirs, you don't understand the problem.
  3. Yes the problem is bigger than Egypt, actually it is not even Egypt, Egypt is only a distraction from our own problems. I wonder what the US government would do, if 100,000 American citizens went to DC and tried to carry out protests similar to those carried out by the Egyptians, actually I don't wonder, I know it would be 100,000 times this;
  4. "The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds"

    basically would translate into:

    "The guardsmen fired 6,700,000 rounds over a period of 13 seconds"
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    Imho, the US wants uninterrupted access to oil. Also, the US does not want competitor states to have comparatively easier access to that oil. Oil is life, that's the world Man has built.
  6. Such short memories. The TEA Party rally didn't matter? [​IMG]
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    Yes, according to Obama the 57th.

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    Its because Jews rule USA and Israel is scared shit of Islam Jihadist taking over like as happened in Iran. The Egyptians will be worse off with military ruling. They will never concede power thats why Mubarak has been forced out to preserve military dictatorship.

    There is no change just a continuation but masses are happy for now.
  9. At the bottom of the global chess match of ideologies is access to natural resources. Egypt might not be a state in the sense that
    Texas is a state but influence and loyalty isn't in the name but in the extent of cooperation and at whose expense. Was Mubarac our man in Egypt? The answer is in, what was he charging for oil? A sliding scale.
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    And Egypt military is well trained and equipped and guess who is responsible just like the Shah regime in Iran during Carter's time. mmmmm.

    Yeh sure Israel could nuke the Jihadist but how do you live in a hood surrounded by enemies. It work even with nukes. Egypt was the last frontier protecting Israel no wonder US massive support for Mubarak a human rights abuser. There my friends is why folks hate the USA - self interest at the expense of the masses.
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