is economics worth majoring in.

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  1. i've traded for years but never had my degree. Im currently in school but not sure what I really want to focus on. I manage my own funds but one day may want to bring in outside money which i know will require me to have academic credentials which is the reason why i went back to school. my question is is economics worth it, and do you gain applicable knowledge from the degree? I would like to have a broader understanding of the market as a whole and i dont want to just got to school for the sake of it, I want to gain some practical skills or knowledge from the experience.
  2. Getting a degree just to impress other people should not be the reason why you pursue higher education. You ought to pursue it for it satisfies thy soul.

    That said, I along with other successful hedge fund managers like me such as Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Buffett etc and many more have had majored in economics.
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    Math and computer science are worth majoring in. Economic should be in the minor

    Higher Education is the key to become a successful trader

    Higher Education!
  4. thats pretty much what I was saying with practical education. but the credentials are important also...
  5. im currently a math major with economic focus. I was considering switching but I may just stay the course.
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    think about this. economic major was popular during the 70s and 80s

    today, computer science replaced economic, but economic is still important and should be in the minor degree category

    Now, there are 2 types of economic. Science economic and business economic degrees. The most recommended will be business economic.
  7. I think the better question to ask is with your economic degrees do you use any of the things you learned in your investing?
  8. The current economic paradigm namely the neoclassical synthesis is wrong. If you get a degree in that you are getting a degree that will be effectively worthless in a few years when people appreciate how far from reality it is.

    Maths is good. But if you want to go through the economics route perhaps econometrics. You get all the maths skill but the the application is in economics so you can use it practically in economics and the maths skills elsewhere is you want to do something else. That is what I would do.
  9. There are loads of different types of economics. Macro, micro, econometrics, eithical, green, theoretical, PPE etc.

    Why stop there what about finance that is good and it is more viable to what you want to do.

    My degree is in accounting and finance. I am an applied macroeconomist.
  10. i dont understand the second paragraph.
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