is ECC memory necessary for quantitative trading?

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    my algorithm trading needs lots of computations. I plan to build a computer myself. my ideal cpu is AMD 3950x, but it does not support ecc memory. does ecc memory is a must for quantitative trading?
  2. If "any" data error is going to throw you into a tizzy, then yes.

    According to Tom's Hardware, AMD Threadripper supports ECC.

    "... ECC memory is geared toward enterprise-grade workstations and servers. As such, a similarly heavy-duty CPU is needed to support ECC memory. For Intel CPUs, only the Xeon line supports ECC, in an attempt to differentiate its enthusiast-level processors from enterprise-level ones. Meanwhile, AMD’s core-abundant Threadripper line supports ECC memory...",6013.html
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    Nope, you're doing it wrong. Don't build a computer for quantitative trading, that's inefficient and slow.
    Rent a VPS that is located close to the exchange you trade on, upload your algo to it and control it from some crappy old laptop with an internet connection.

    Uptime is better, tech support is better, latency and jitter is better and more constant. If you don't require a feedhandler on an FPGA chip or other HFT stuff, this is your setup of choice. And you can have this for a handful of dollars each month
  4. Or... OP could learn Price TA and do everything from his "crappy old laptop". :)
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    ECC never used it, never sold it ( once maybe ? high end server, used to crash all the damn time 20years back ), my computer stays on for months without crashing so pointless.
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    MrMuppet edge in that
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    Sounds like you are doing a forum-spread. The other side being a question at the gaming hardware forum: "Does ECC help gaming performance?"


    I doubt it helps.
  8. No edge in anything that's legal.
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  9. No. Actually hinders memory performance as is slower... but probably not all that much slower that you'd notice.
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    I'm unsure if the OP is talking about backtesting or live trading. Very different requirements.
    A proper high memory VPS is something like $400-$1000 per month. For $1000 you can already build a very nice box for backtesting.
    For live trading, VPS is an obvious choice always.
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