Is donating Multi-Trillion Tax-payer's money an "‘impeachable’ offense"?

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Is donating Multi-Trillion dollars Tax-payer's money an "‘impeachable’ offense"?

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  1. Obama collected multi-Trillion dollars from USA Tax-payers and donated it to giant companies

    Obama is worth $5 million. USA politicians maybe collectively worth $1 billion to $5 Billion (not sure).

    How did USA politicians donate multi-Trillion dollars to giant companies? There is nothing wrong in donating personal money but you need confirmed permission from Tax-payers to donate their hard earned money.

    How many people can live a rich and good life with $1 Trillion?

    How many people's lives will be destroyed if $1 Trillion is mis-managed or stolen?

    Is donating Multi-Trillion dollars Tax-payer's money an "‘impeachable’ offense"?

  2. I think the number is higher than that. Harman from CA is worth half a billion alone.
  3. America's 25 Richest Politicians

    Per the just released OpenSecrets list of top 25 wealthiest politicians in America, there are 12 republicans and 12 democrats (and Hillary, whatever she is). While we applaud the diversity among the country's richest "representatives", we can't help but wonder if these people actually "represent" the common man, or the man (such as themselves) having a minimal average net worth of $28 million.

    See the list at the bottom of the page.
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  10. In reality, as shown in the failed attempt to impeach Clinton, impeachment as it is used by those with a political agenda is not a legal is a political process.

    The real idea of impeachment is that when a president or judge acts in a manner that is beyond the scope of their elected or appointed powers a remedy is found in impeachment. Over time people saw this for what it was...a political attack, not a well grounded legal process. That is why Clinton remains so popular, and Nixon was hated until the day he died.

    When it can be shown that someone broke the law (which Clinton didn't actually do) then impeachment is a remedy.

    Impeachment was not designed to be a political tool, but as a legal tool to provide remedy.

    No president has ever been successfully impeached. Nixon resigned because his crimes were of a nature that he knew the republicans and democrats alike would impeach him.

    Clinton knew that impeachment would fail in the Senate, so he had no need to resign.

    Talk of impeachment of Obama, senators and congressmen is just hot air.
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