Is Dementia Contagious?

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  1. I am system trading today, as opposed to indiscretionary trading, which has left me with lots of time to reflect. In between infrequent monitoring of the system, I have been searching in vain for useful trading information on ET. What purports to be wisdom today varies from the fantastically astrological to the impenetrably complex. It made me wonder, "What is to blame for the recent impairment in ET's rationality?" It is uncannily similar to dementia. Then an hypothesis arose unbidden: "Is dementia contagious?". Can pathology arise without physical pathogens? With virtual pathogens only? Could older members of ET be polluting the forum with virtual pathogens? Examples will follow in coming days. The usual young smartasses are encouraged to try not to emulate their deranged elders, and to set a higher standard for ET posting, at least on my thread.
  2. Question: Is Dementia Contagious?

    I did know, but now I cannot remember.

    On a brighter note, I own one video and eagerly look forward to watching it every night.
    Hope this has been of some help.
  3. My point is made in the very first thread response. I know for a fact that the responder is over four times the age of consent for girls in West Virginia.
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  5. I said dementia, not demented. But it DOES look like the market at mid-day. Remember, ET, I will be watching for examples. And I know just where to look. At the usual suspects.
  6. "The large picture is that you must be very thoughtful and rational about how to make money trading."

    I don't know about you guys, but this was a real revelation to me. I had been doing my best to be thoughtless and irrational. Guess I'll have to shape up.
  7. Golly Emil, you almost slipped off the front page with this thread.

    A little more attention to detail if you please.
  8. To whom it may concern, my personal email is down (how can the top NASDAQ company fail to provide reliable email?), so I am not ignoring you in favor of ET, I just can't get to your brilliant messages.
  9. I don't know about it being contagious, however, I can see how some traders may be attracted to like-unminded people. Therefore, we are more likely to be observing clustering rather than contagion.
  10. Ah, a self-selected society, an inward-looking community whose sense of collective self is reinforced by external criticism. But even YOUR observation is suspect as you are eligible for social security, as I recollect.
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