Is daytrading easier now than a year ago?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by baggerlord, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. I'm new to this game, and was wondering if this current rally is making daytrading easy. If and when this rally ends and we begin another extended downtrend, am I going to find my setups no longer working? Just curious how different it is. Thanks!
  2. From talking to some other traders, the market was much easier this time last year.

  3. Strange, I would have thought all the people coming back into the market would make it easier.
  4. Are talking about stocks or Futures?
  5. Tea


    It was always easier in the period before the current one.

  6. And there are those who found trading to be difficult recently that aren't even around anymore so can't answer...

    Turnovers gotta be heavier than the restaurant business... :(

  7. ttrader


    Eery fractal curve has a certain dimension and this year the value of that dimension has risen ...

  8. jaiko


    YES its clearly easier than a year ago !!!

    Because stocks have gone up in price
  9. That is an entirely relative assumption, to say the least.

    With increasing price comes declining price leverage.

    ~The Scientist
  10. From my perspective it's a little harder because of increasing competition in the nasdaq scalping business.
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