Is day trade options really viable?

Discussion in 'Options' started by 0008, Jan 16, 2003.

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    I never trade options but I am always interested in it. The slippages seem to be quite horrible. Is it a big problem for options day trade?
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    Yes, viable.
    Anything is like a double-edge sword. It can be against you or with you. Control self is the key.

  3. tough game.
  4. It is hard enough nowadays to day-trade the underlying since the range is not very good lately, doing it in options is twice as hard. Imagine the edge loss. 5-10 cents to get in then another to get out, coupled with the delta. You have to be right about the underlying movement at least 50 cents for you to break-even. If you are going to use options, extend your timeframe. Hope this helps
  5. If you are a good trader now, you should be fine after paying some tuition; if you are not currently profitable, more like paying for graduate school ...

  7. And if QLGC had not moved today, those puts would now be worthless, having expired today.
  8. The truth you speak. Apply it must you now.
  9. And now imagine you trade not just one but 10 contracts. Then you would have to be right about the underlying movement at least $5 to break even. I wonder how those guys who trade hundreds of contracts do it.
  10. Maybe trade stock in conjunction with it...
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