Is Cramer's show taped ?

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    I'm watching Mad Money with Cramer as 6 PM EST, and Cramer said that he is Bullish, Bullish, Bullish !

    Is this show taped ? Or is he ignoring this after-hours S&P downgrade news ? He says it's time to start buying the financials and to "buy a house".

    Man, unless this show was taped, he is going to be eating some sort of crow tomorrow.
  2. I'm watching that jerk and my jaw is on the floor. The guy is a total moron. "The Bull is Back" lol
  3. I'm not sure but he mentioned his "stress index" which he designed to help find a bottom in the market. I am curious as to what he is using in this index. If anybody has a link to it let me know
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    Yeah, he has boldly called a 20-30 % jump in equities from here, and he said he's going to buy a house.

    FYI, he is prohibited by SEC from buying/selling equities. Not sure if that rule applies to "trading" in his 401K or not.
  5. he trades in his Charitable Trust, which I think is about a 4million portfolio or so
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    Wow, smaller than my portfolio :)
  7. how did his aa port do last year?
  8. Who is the recipient of his "charitable trust?" Those bastards are just plain unlucky, being destitude, and having to hope he hits one.

    He' crowing when the cut comes, and the guy that cuts my grass knows to fade that move. He yelled in the window, "hey, I heard the TV.. Fade it."

    I think they tape that piece of excrement around four. A while back, maybe here, someone calling in was on hold, heard him taping, and gamed the stock. That's back when he had an iota of influence.
  9. If Jimmy has a little too much blow they run an earlier taping.
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    I think I'm going to send my resume into CNBC, and see if I can get my own show. Maybe I'll call it:


    I mean, you listen to these CNBC guys during the day, and I have never heard so much B.S. in all my life. I keep it on during the trading just in case we are attacked from Al-Qaida, or the latest rage of terrorist. Otherwise, I find the station totally useless. Spin doctors, BS artists, see-saw-ers, you name it, they've got 'em.

    I guess I missed my calling....getting paid to babble, with baseless claims, and the zero culpability factor. Now that's a job !
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