Is commission for IB API orders higher than normal orders?

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  1. For stocks, commission for IB API orders are higher at USD0.075 per share. How about for international stocks such as those in Hong Kong and Japan?

    What about commission for API orders for futures? I cannot get information regarding commission on API orders for futures.

    Anyone tried?
  2. sprstpd


    I'm pretty sure it is only higher if you direct the order to a specific exchange. If you select IB's SMART router, then the commission should not be any higher than if you entered the order manually.
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    For futures, it's the same price with or without API.
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  5. guru


    Where do you see, or where can I confirm that "For stocks, commission for IB API orders are higher at USD0.075 per share"?

    I'm mostly trading options, but IB doesn't seem to distinguish between API vs non-API orders. I can create an API order and it looks like regular order so I can modify it manually, or I create a manual order and then modify it via API. So what would "API order" even mean, and how would it be defined as API vs non-API?
    The only difference for me is that API provides additional features, for example to direct an order to specific exchange, which isn't supported in the GUI when creating manual orders (for options). And those directed orders may have higher commissions, but not because of using API.
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  7. I found it here. Search for "API".
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    Thanks. Still unclear since it says "US API Directed Orders", not "US API Orders".
    Directed orders are usually directed to specific exchange, not just any/all orders.
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    That's only for fixed pricing, right? I don't see a similar section on the tiered commissions page. Presumably it's to prevent you from directing a large number of orders to a high fee exchange.
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    I believe you are correct. The Fixed pricing discourages directed orders to keep IB's routing costs down. In the Tiered pricing, every order has its own unique cost depending on where it is routed so there is no need for a penalty.
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