Is Cold Weather the new Al Qaeda?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Bogan7, May 10, 2007.

  1. May 10 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. retailers posted the biggest sales decline on record last month, trailing estimates that were already reduced as the coldest April in a decade curbed sales of lightweight clothing.

    It seems the cold weather is now the new bogey man that we can blmae all the economies trouble on instead of having a deeper more honest look at the trouble that is coming.

    We all should have known it was light weight clothing that is to blame not the light weight gov regulation. Its obvious really.

  2. You just asked a very very brilliant tongue in cheek question! Fucking's hard to spin this anymore, you'll end up as dumb as stock_turder if you spin around too much! :)

  3. As Kylie Minouge once stated "I'm spining around get out of way"
  4. Same store sales are a disastor. Saturation in retailing is at hand. High labor and cost structure will be the first to fall, food. Throw in the new minimum wage in many states and runaway costs and there is no wiggle room.
  5. Actually wasnt it the cold weather in Jan that put the brakes on the housing recovery.

    News Flash

    Cold weather reportedly hiding in South eastern Afgansistan GWB "vows to smoke it out of its hole" asks Congress for 50 billion buget increase for Haliburton to supply 50 good quality sleeping bags. Democrats are hesitant and are branded Unamerican

  6. Cold April? Man that hit me out of left field, it was a pretty good month, no snow here, early spring.

    Plus think about it, every year is so different in terms of weather. This either means temporary pullback or spin, which possibly also means temporary pullback.