Is CNN run by whores ??

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  3. I did read it, thanks ever so much...

    Unless you know all the facts of the case (maybe they didn't know his race) and unless the race is pertinent, no need to mention it or guess at it.

    To assume cornrows means black is the equivalent of assuming one is a Jew because their nose is big.

    From the description given, someone could spot the suspect regardless if they were black, white, red, brown or green sufficient to call police.

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  4. the question burining in MY breast is.. do whores watch CNN??!!

    wel!!??? do they????????!!
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    Good reading for those of you not aware of the issue I've been discussing.

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  6. The British Bullshitting Corporation! Puh-leez! As if they don't have an agenda as well. I wonder if this thread will deteriorate into a my country's news service is better than your country's news service. We'll wait for Mahram to come in and explain how CBC is actually better through his superior literary prowess.
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  7. While I don't like CNN, I'm no great fan of FOX news either. Fox pushes its own 'conservative' agenda too actively. Not that that isn't in response to an overly left-wing media, but let's call it what it is.

    As far as CNN being a left wing shill, the embedded reports and favoritism shown to CNN during Gulf II discount that possibility. Now the NYT - that's a leftist organization!

    the FT is my vote for best way to find out what is really happening in the united states - it has printed information that is usually glossed over. After that, google news or various blogs.

    The fundamental problem is that it is the opinion of journalists that their job is to interpret the news. In doing so, they try to use their influence to shape the world in accordance with their point of view.

    That's fine, if I want it. But it has gotten so bad, that there's really nothing else. If I was a policy maker, if I didn't have access to unbiased information, I'd be at the mercy of these people.
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