Is CNN run by whores ??

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  1. Can you think of even a single investigative piece of journalism on Fox News that has painted Bush in a negative light?

    Does anyone seriously think Fox News is trying to do its fiduciary job of keeping the public properly informed as to the power grab by Bush?

    Come on....

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  2. I remember that time the President wrecked on his bike. Fox talked about it TWICE. That made him look bad. They are absolutely unbiased.

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  3. Like every news media source in this country, CNN's "fucking" job is to make money. Sex, violence, scandals, and outrage sells. Cute, cuddley, feely good, and positive reinforcement does not. Pandering to a specific target audience sells. Pandering to the government does not. If you can't tell the difference between that and the news services in Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela, then you've got bigger problems than not being able to discern the difference between an ad to see that movie or a review written about it.
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  4. They way I see it, they do a much better job at portraying an unbiased view than CNN does, even when Fox is the only news channel that doesn't want to crucify the president.

    The fact the CNN carries Lou Doubs is insulting regardless of which party you are supporting.

    Sometimes I have to ask myself if the place is being run by the same people running Aljazeera.

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  5. It doesn't? :confused: :confused:

    Here is just the latest example:

    In their July 6 coverage of North Korea's missile tests, Fox News' The Big Story with John Gibson and Your World with Neil Cavuto featured segments devoted to the question of whether former President Bill Clinton is to blame for the current situation in North Korea. Neither program, however, hosted any Democrats or progressives to discuss Clinton's alleged culpability, nor did they examine whether the Bush administration's policies on North Korea in the past five years might bear some responsibility.

    Roger Ailes, the chairman, CEO, and president of Fox News Channel, is a former aide to President Nixon, a consultant to President Reagan, and worked for George H. W. Bush's 1988 presidential campaign.

    As a July 2004 Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting study has documented, Special Report regularly features one-on-one interviews with subjects who are conservative far more often than liberal or moderate. The show also includes a discussion panel that often repeats Republican talking points. The morning program Fox & Friends features three hosts with conservative perspectives. Carl Cameron, the network's chief White House correspondent, and congressional correspondent Brian Wilson have both often presented ostensibly straight news programming with a slant that favors conservatives. Fox's other daytime programs (The Big Story with John Gibson, Fox News Live, and Your World with Neil Cavuto) and its marquee weekend news show (Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, which also airs on Fox Broadcasting Co. affiliates) also are presented as objective news sources, yet Media Matters for America has compiled substantial research indicating the network's coverage most often favors the conservative viewpoint and often blatantly misinforms viewers.

    Besides the network's self-identified conservatives, Fox's "straight news" anchors and reporters continually amplify misinformation that favors the conservative viewpoint and on occasion have even admitted their own conservative perspective.
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  6. fox is so hawkish they've become a stereotype

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  7. Please keep your insults to yourself.

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  8. Yes you are right. I am not disputing Fox new's political bias in their "commentary" portions of the newscasts. Fox "tends" to be more conservative friendly, we all know that.

    My beef is with CNN and the "biased news" part of their program. If they want liberal commentary, good. I think it is healthy to have and discuss different points of view.

    But not with the way real news is supposed to be presented to what most of us know, is the uneducated masses...

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  9. Ricter


    Assuming for a moment that CNN is fair and unbiased, Bush would still look bad.
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  10. lol

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