Is CNN run by whores ??

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  1. what do you guys think.......

    the "Bad Bosses" link at the end of latest news.
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  4. CNN has been a hack news service for the last 5 years. You have to read it, because everyone does, but it is not credible.
  5. Steph I am not sure which political party you support, but what CNN did yesterday was so out of whack.

    The way they covered the president's Chicago news conference was so biased against the president compared to the way Fox did, it makes one wonder how they call themselves"the trusted news service".
    I am starting to think CNN is a pos.

    As a supposedly "respectful" news service their job is to provide unbiased news (commentary is something else) to the population not expose their editors political agenda which ever that may be.

  6. they propped him up... they can take him down. just a puppet anyway...when he is no longer useful they attack him. the man truly is a moron and this being said by someone that voted for him in 2000. question is.. who is the next useful idiot they will bring in?
  7. my issue is not with the president itself.

    CNN is not operating much different that news services in Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela.

    Their fucking job is to provide unbiased news.

  8. If you think fox coverage is "fair and balanced" then you will never consider CNN or anyone else for that matter "the trusted news service".
  9. Different points of view I guess.

    From my perspective CNN "goes out of it's way" to make the president look bad.

    Fox doesn't "go out of it's way" to make the president look good.

    That's just my opinion of course.

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    A distinct difference and I'm inclined to agree.
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