Is China a bubble?

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  1. you're right pepper. i live in china currently. that guy seemed to be talking hyperbole just to get attention.
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  2. hopefully that's all it is
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  3. Hayek


    That's the truth.

    Don't believe any official statistical data of China. China's government is specilized to cheat.

    The human and property rights of Chinese normal civilians can not be sacrificed all along because they are not silent slaves after all. Severe social problems will result in a fiercely revolution and a big recession of economy someday, if China keeps "developing" under current political system.
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  4. You do not live in China. That much is obvious to anyone who has been there.
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  5. And this man has been to China.

    One of the things that surprises me about the big cities in China is the Capitalism on Steroids is running amok!
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  6. Minutes later??? No. Lots of notice. The places they are knocking down are slums. They are cleaning up for the 2008 Olympics. Just like anywhere, people don't like change to much.
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  7. one thing that amazes me about et.. whatever the policy, no matter how viciously draconian it is, someone will always come out defending it
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  8. Really?? Progress is draconian? Have you ever been to China? Have you ever been outside of the your western world? How jingoistic of you. Do you have any idea of what conditions those people are living in? Many still do not want to go. But for the sake of the entire community in China, changes are being made.

    Go there. See it for yourself.

    This worship of 'personal choice at all costs' is what is killing society in general and is creating chaos.
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  9. actually yes, i spent several years of my childhood living in Manila. have you ever been outside a highrise condo?

    my understanding is that in many cases families are even being kicked off property they've owned for hundreds of years.
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  10. These people in China do not 'own' that land in the traditional western sense of the word.

    Different situation all together.

    It sucks when it happens to you. But their is a concept often forgotten and viewed as evil in the western world - Community Good. That is why the freaks around the US gte so insane over the globalization move.
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