Is China a bubble?

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    so did Enron, Worldcom, Global Crossing... the list goes on. (this is only a statistic. I am not condoning their conduct.)

    but honestly, how many of you bought MSFT or AAPL because you have READ, analysed, and concurred with the annual report? Most of us only buy/sell on technical signals.

    USA market is more transparent than the Chinese market... but bear in mind, transparency is a relative word.

    China is learning. Their securities commission is independent, and is trying its best to learn-on-the-job, and to catch up to the Western standard of fair and open financial market.
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  2. A dictated government has advantage of faster pace of processing policy. Premise is that the policy is going the right direction... :D

    So far so good, for what Chinese government is doing... isn't it?
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  3. What an INSIGHT!! This is what investor vision is... :)
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  4. A friend bought a condo in Bejing subu for RMB 600000 (=$95000).

    " 90% the food is not healthy and prepared by ill people "? Are you on the moon, or in Bejing?
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  5. US has been borrrowing from China, no the other way around.
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    I think that the single thing most likely to hurt China economically would be the slowing of US consumer spending. That in turn could lead to downturn in commodity prices.
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    I don't think we're even near to bubble status on China. This is just a company that is growing at a smoldering rate. Maybe in 10 yrs we can start talking about bubble but this is just the beginning (ie we're in the early 90s, wait until late 90s)
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    ...and for me to think it's what I use to have my dinners on. Silly me.
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  10. looks like a political message.
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