Is China a bubble?

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  1. I see a red flag when Joe Sixpack from Midwest who can't even read a world map starts talking about China and thinking about moving there to try his luck.
  2. China is always a risk because of their policy. It's a communism country, policy can be change any day and wipe out a lot of people. I am not saying democracy is any good either. Just look at the US. It's current run by a idiots, and what's even worst, he was elected for the term too. Shame on us.
  3. China is not a bubble a country.
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    they are communists and can change their policies, so fking what. We still have napalm reserves in case they lock our money there
  5. "China" is to "bubble" as "9/11" is to "bad day."
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    i am in china currently.

    condo price in beijing $1.5M+, and all are sold out.

    if you make less than $120K a year, people will think you are a joke.

    if you want to buy trading books, call a store, they photo copy the whole book for you and charge you by the weight of the paper.

    if you want to buy a computer, 50% of the chance, the parts are used or fake.

    if you eat here, 90% the food is not healthy and prepared by ill people. for the same clean food, you pay 200% more than us price.

    credit card is not accepted, i carry $10k cash every day.

    i am only here for hiring. it is a good place to find slaves, not a good place to live. ibm china promissed an over time pay of $30 a hour and they never paid a penny to employees who worked 12 hours a day 6 days a week.

    trading chinese stocks has a 10% limit per day and it is T+1= you can sell only as soon as the next trading day. commission is 1.5% each way, without any additional fees. 100% of the financial reports are fake. however bill gates is buying chinese stocks.

    not sure if you call it a bubble. several friends got their business IPOed in US and they have $100M net assets now.
  7. Are you serious? :D
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    The answer is YES, it's a bubble, and will blow up together with all of us.
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    They pretty much have 2 sets of books. It's really quite normal for them, no biggie.
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    China has the BEST and the WORST of everything.

    They have the grandest of grand hotels. The opulence is beyond many American's imagination.

    They have cheap labour, cheap raw material, cheap land, cheap transportation...

    They also have luxury condos and expensive country clubs.

    Is China a communist country? You can see Buicks everywhere. (Even the police uses them.)

    You can use US$1 to buy a delicious bowl of beef noodle from a local joint... or US$200+ to buy a Japanese Kobe beef steak from a fancy restaurant.

    China has fantastic golf courses. Many are the creations of World famous designers...

    If you have been to the Canton Spring Fair, you know what busy means.

    If you have been to Yiwu... you will have a different view on the word commodity.

    China TODAY is an experience you should not miss. Because in a few year's time, China will be no different from USA -- motels, mega shopping malls...

    Some might want to view China as a threat, a bubble or whatever... I only see never ending opportunities.
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