Is chart trading dead? (At least when it comes to ES)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tortoise, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Trading intra-day takes a toll on a healthy body. It is ok if you are profitable and still healthy but certainly not ok if you are on chemotherapy.
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  2. Handle123


    When times of just plain trading badly, I get gorilla conservative and use very rigid entries like H&S, Triples two minute bars, waiting for double Bullish divergence like on two minute ES, then wait for the "thrust bar" John Hill speaks of which is a bar that closes strong up above congestion, and soon after a retracement to get into to go long. Risk few ticks and go for 6-8 ticks.
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  3. Is chart trading dead?

    If chart trading were dead, I'd be dead too!! And I ain't dead!!
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  4. Gambit


    Thanks! I'll have to watch this. Lots of great stuff on youtube.
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  5. Xela


    I haven't been trading anything like as long as you guys, but both the observations above describe my position perfectly. But I've never tried to trade ES and wouldn't fancy it: to me, it looks a little like watching paint dry (I do about 75% NQ and 25% CL).
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  6. ES and NQ not so different.

    Point value of NQ is 40% of the point value of the ES, but NQ is about 2.5x more volatile.
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  7. Overnight


    I see differently pretty much every day.

    This morning is no different.

    As of right now, ES range per contract ~$150 today.

    YM ~$250.

    NQ ~$400.

    NQ is superior when it comes to the number of entry opportunities on any given day, so it is really good for retail scalpers/intra-day traders.
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  8. Not really. Both tend to make their reversals at the same time.

    With higher NQ volatility and more violent reversals, more difficult to catch it close to the best trade point.... IOW, "more left on the table"... not to mention the more common "air pockets" in the NQ

    "net" = "not that different", from where I sit.

    NQ seems like it could be much more profitable for those who "consistently nail it", but not so much for us mortal traders.

    Money to be made from either if traded well.
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  9. qxr1011


    chart trading will never die - it's just a tool...

    but one should never confuse the tool with the method , which uses the tool

    and Grady (whoever he is) is not an idiot - he popularizes right ideas (for brokers and props): churning the trader's account (via trading a-la bots) is the best way for brokers and props to get the most commissions off the trader's account before the bozo will lose everything to market anyway :)
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  10. Good post.

    I was going to chime in with "Grady is full of crap", but held my tongue (not sure why... that's not like me.) :) When you explain it from the broker's "account churning, generating commissions" perspective, makes perfect sense.
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