Is chart trading dead? (At least when it comes to ES)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tortoise, Dec 26, 2017.

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    Thanks. I needed to hear that.
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    DJ Funk used to play this in his sets. Brings back memories.
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  3. volpri


    ROFL...ANYTHING CAN BE MEASURED. Even circles and squares.........
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  4. Of course it is. Everyone wants to take the easy road. If there was any convincing evidence, there wouldn't be a need to slave away in front of historical price data.
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  5. Then show us how to measure them in a non-static state :)
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  6. Nor do miscreants, but don't let that stop you.
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  8. Gambit


    I don't want to start a war over TA. Lo did attempt to quantify patterns like head and shoulders.
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  9. I recall an Andrew Lo lecture I found very useful in understanding efficient markets and such.

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  10. lcranston


    Rather than abandon charts, try trading something else. I chose the NQ over the ES years ago and have never had reason to regret it. The NQ is volatile, it's directional, it's predictable, and it moves.
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