Is Cam Newton gonna make it?

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  1. Undoubtedly he's one hellava physical specimen but is he pro Quarterback material?
  2. When you are drafted that high, you are going to be given many, many chances to make it. Whether it's with Carolina or a half dozen other teams, he'll have at least 5 more seasons to prove he can do something. Just look at a Matt Leinart as an example. His size and athleticism will also compel teams to always give him a shot.

    The only way it could all fall apart is if he became a JaMarcus Russell type and just stopped putting in the time and effort.
  3. The one thing other than dedication that is crucial is coaching. A guy like a newton or Tebow needs a system that fits their skills to be successful. Why teams spend tons of money on these guys, then expect them to be Peyton Manning always baffles me. Good coaches fit the system to the talent, not the other way around.
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    Max E.

    Yeah, thats precisely it. Look at how Vick's career took off when he hooked up with Andy Reid, the guy used to be one of the most inaccurate passers in the league.

    Belichick, and Andy Reid are amazing at creating systems around guys talent, and getting the best out of their players.

    Also ill be interested to see how McDaniels and Sam Bradford look together, I always thought Josh mcdaniels was kind of a douche, but the guy made Ortonand Matt Cassell look like allstars. I think of all the young QB's in the league Sam Bradford is the one who is a potential hall of famer.
  5. There was a lot of chatter about the Browns taking Newton, so I'm just glad that wasn't a chance - regardless of how he turns out.

    He reminds me a lot of Pryor and other than Vick, has there been any QB that is not your standard in the pocket passer that has made it? The list can get rather large of these all-star physical phenoms that are terrible QB's since most teams revolve around pocket passers.
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    Yeah you got lucky on that one, the Browns would not have been able to resist the temptation of taking an overhyped player, and inevitably he would have been traded away for a fifth round pick 2 years later. :D
  7. That's why I'm glad we didn't even have that decision to make.

    Another QB controversy is about due here though so that would have made sense.


    BTW, Thome is back being an Indian!
  8. Unfortunately that Ubaldo Jiminez trade might really have been a disaster. When I heard that the guy lived 2 blocks from Coors Field with his parents, I had a bad feeling. Not to mention that since that blistering start before the All-Star Break a year or so ago, he's been terrible.
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    Thome must have been one of, if not the single most underhyped player in history to hit 600 homeruns, he just quietly went about his business and did it year in and year out. When I heard he was approaching 600 homeruns a few months ago i was floored. I knew that he hit alot of dingers, but you dont seem to hear much about him in the press.

    I think it probably had something to do with the whole steroid scandal in baseball. What are you guys thoughts on Thome? You guys think he did roids? He seems to have kept himself out of the spotlight for that, and he seems like a standup guy so its hard to say.

  10. Baseball is not my thing, just cool to see a name I recognize back in a tribe uni.

    Once football starts, baseball is an after thought for me.

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