Is Cain Finished and What Was He Thinking Anyway?

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  1. Looks like last week will go down as the high water mark of the Herman Cain experience. Leading the polls, raking in money, everyone's favorite, suddenly the sexual harassment bomb went off, leaving his campaign looking very amateurish.

    Can he recover from here? Well, Bill Clinton overcame a lot worse, but he had the entire liberal media running interference for him. Plus, Bill Clinton had a large crew of thugs form arkansas who were rorutinely used to intimidate women who couldn't keep their mouths shut.

    The media are close to a full-fledged feedign frenzy with Cain, sensing blood in the water. Next step will be the all-night stakeout of his home. Perversely, these attacks may further endear Cain to republican primary voters, who will see the blatant hypocrisy for what it is worth.

    Independents, soccer moms and moderate republicans however are a different story. I'm afraid they are lost to Cain.

    The facts are that Cain was asked to leave Godfathers by the board. I have no idea what the reason was, but you can bet that people are digging into that now. I will give a guy a pass for one incident, even two, but at some point you have to understand what is apporpriate and what isn't. It's hard to believe all these people with no connections, eg the pollster, the women, the radio host in Iowa, all are part of some conspiracy to get Cain.

    It was the same with Clinton. Either you could believe he was lying, or a large number of women with no connection to one another except for having had distasteful experiences at his hands had somehow entered this huge conspiracy. The democrats and media reflexively believed the latter, hence the "vast right wing conspiracy."

    I would be surprised if Cain is so fortunate. It's not like people were supporting him because he had come up with a bunch of great ideas. He seemed genuine, likeable and decent. Now all of those are in question.

    One narrative that is gaining credence is that Cain never envisioned being more than a joke candidate. He would use the exposure and some well-timed jokes to enhance his public profile and speakers' fees. Suddenly however, things spun out of control, leaving his unprepared campaign as the frontrunner with a real shot of unseating the incumbent president. Things that had been unimportant, like a series of harassment payoffs, suddenly became very big deals. I mean, who runs for president with that kind of stuff on their record anyway? Did he just think it wouldn't come up?

    The next few weeks could be interesting, but I fear the sound you hear is the Cain campaign circling the drain.
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    Elizabeth Gracen
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    If the "liberal media" has the power you keep implying they do, then how do nutcases like Nixon, Reagan, King Bush I, and King Bush II get into office? Shall I go back further, I mean, how long has the media been in charge?
  4. We will see.

    But what we do know is all of this has only benefited one person, Obama.

    While dissatisfaction with Obama has risen to record levels, In virtually every recent poll of Obama vs a Republican candidate, Obama has widened his lead.

    Oh well, looks like FOUR MORE YEARS.
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    Oh yeah, go ahead and ruin my whole day.
  6. There is a saying:" Overnight is a long time in politics and a week is forever."

    Unless the economy gets much better, Obama is in trouble.
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    Cain needs to do one of two things:

    1) Do the right thing and get the accusations out there and let the voters decide based on the truth and statements from both sides. Or

    2) Pull an Obama and deny you know anything like Obama did with Rev. Wright and hope it dies down and goes away.
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    It worked for Obama, at least it worked on his blind followers anyway.
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    Cheer up, it would give you something to bitch about for four more years.
  10. Odumbo could get caught on camera sucking Barney Fwank's dick in a DC gas station bathroom stall... then claim "I stopped in here for a microwave burrito...then fell asleep taking a crap, and Fwank stuck his dick in my mouth. I'm innocent, man."

    Of course the Odumbo faithful would believe that.

    Too graphic? Sorry.
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