Is Bush really the worst President ever - Economically the answer is YES

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Joab, Feb 25, 2008.

Bush is the worst

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  3. I gave up caring

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  1. Joab


  2. Bush promoted his PERSONAL agenda at the expense of the American public and the lives of American service people. And he "charged it" to the tune of nearly DOUBLING the national debt during his term. (Imagine.. what took America 200 years to build up as national debt, Bush nearly doubled in 8 years.)


    (And please don't come back with "Yeah, but Clinton was great".... he was a potlicker, too.)
  3. My feeling is anyone who becomes president will have there own agenda so you just hope they try to improve America in the process. I didn’t think Clinton was amazing but I would take him over George Bush any day.
  4. Theoretically, Presidents are supposed to "lead the country in its best interest"... NOT PROMOTE A PERSONAL AGENDA at the country's expense.

    We didn't elect Bush [nor anyone else] with the the idea that he would have carte blanche with the people's assets to do anything he damned well pleased.
  5. Bush/Cheney for whatever reasons have created ill feelings towards the US by many countries....

    Thus the question is why ....

    This obviously was not the case with many other US Presidents/VPs...

    One should look forward to the day that one no longer has to see the words Bush/Cheney in any form of media.....

    Perhaps when new leadership appears...the ill winds will blow away....

    If anything else is learned by this exercise....leadership matters....
  6. Too bad there isn't any on the current menu. :mad:

    America needs MAJOR changes on several fronts to right the ship.... don't see that any time soon.
  7. For those of you voting, "I gave up caring"... one day you will.

    The negative financial ramifications of Bush's greed and spendthrift will ring throughout the balance of your life... your kids and grandkids too. :mad:
  8. I don’t believe in the process either. The person who would make a great president would never be seen in the primary system. I agree with a lot of your comments except for flat tax or no federal income tax for the most part.
  9. Best 2 Presidents in the last 100 years:
    2-GW Bush (current president)
    ..thankful Gore did not win in 2000 or imagine him leading USA after 9-11...he would have wanted to 'dialogue' with Taliban...never forget this defining's to GW Bush!!!any economic problems were 'seeded' by Clinton in previous years...lets do our due diligence
  10. Anyone fighting for gynecologists loving their patients is an OK President by me.
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