is Bush on drug? f*k weird

Discussion in 'Politics' started by apitrader, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. i don't see any f*k reason to joke around millions of poor people losing jobs and homes, trembling to lift the nozzle
  2. Bush is a fuckin idiot..
    he needs to be choked and slapped..

    He double talks, mistalks and is just a bumbling, fumbling scumbag..
  3. He's a lot smarter than the millions of Americans who voted him in twice, so he could promptly and frequently screw them up the....
  4. You fucking idiot. I was waiting for some fool like you to post.
  5. He's a lot smarter the the Democrats who insisted that we burn food for fuel and refuses to allow us to drill for oil in our own country.

    He is a lot smarter then you too. I would like to see your pussy ass flying a jet fighter.
  6. hi Barbara,
    say hello to jenna for me

  7. You keep proving me right.
  8. good right as ur papa...

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  10. Lucrum


    I'm trying to figure out why an obvious political topic would be started in the TRADING forum.

    Apparently the thread starter doesn't read so well.
    #10     Apr 29, 2008