Is Bush crying wolf again?

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    Neocons One Step Closer to Attacking Iran

    By Kurt Nimmo

    As should be expected, the neocons have shifted from one preposterous lie to another in order to prepare the way for eventually inflicting mass murder, mayhem, and misery on the people of Iran.

    “In an effort to build congressional and Pentagon support for military options against Iran, the Bush administration has shifted from its earlier strategy of building a case based on an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program to one invoking improvised explosive devices (IEDs) purportedly manufactured in Iran that are killing US soldiers in Iraq,” writes Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story. “According to officials—including two former Central Intelligence Agency case officers with experience in the Middle East—the administration believes that by focusing on the alleged ties between IEDs and Iran, they can link the Iranian government directly to attacks on US forces in Iraq.”

    Call it aluminum tubes redux. No doubt, in two or three years, after Iran suffers the horrific fate of Iraq, there will once again be rumblings in the media that the Iran IED accusations were not only baseless, but yet another primary example of the duplicitous nature of the neocons. Recall, as well, that the last time around the CIA argued that 100,000 high-strength aluminum tubes Iraq allegedly attempted to purchase demonstrated Saddam Hussein was feverishly and methodically working toward the objective of nuking grade school kids in Pocatello, Idaho. Of course, it did not matter at the time that technical experts from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge, Livermore, and Los Alamos National Laboratories, as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency, found this claim ludicrous.

    Indeed, the entire “case” against Saddam Hussein was fixed around the “policy,” that is to say the neocon plan to mass murder extraordinary numbers of helpless and enfeebled Iraqis, emerging from the barbarity of more than a decade of medieval sanctions, a regime that cost over a million lives—more than 500,000 of them children—well “worth it,” as Clinton’s former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, infamously averred.
  2. No wonder this news is blacklisted. It's not news. It's nutroots rhetoric.
  3. "the neocon plan to mass murder extraordinary numbers of helpless and enfeebled Iraqis"

    The plan is working out better than expected, what with Iraqis killing each other by the hundreds every day by bombing people, infrastructure, utilities, hospitals, police stations, police, construction workers, doctors, children, food and medical supplies. It all makes a lot of sense.
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    Nevermind the fact that most of the "innocent" dead Iraqis were coincidentally the ones who worked with the coalition.
  5. You mean the "innocent" dead children at the village market? The "innocent" dead doctors trying to save lives instead of destroying lives? How could they be innocent? They are part of the coalition forces as they are not killing their own fellow Iraqis.

    The ones that are trying to build a much better Iraq? That would make sense to kill them off. Wouldn't want all Iraqis to have a life free of tyranny. Wouldn't want them to worship freely. Wouldn't want Sunni and Shiite to get along with each other. Much better to have Shiite or Sunni exterminate or take control and dominate one or the other.

    It's logical to have as much chaos, anarchy, death, destruction, no law and order as possible. It's just a part of the neocon plan to have all these Iraqis kill each other off and look like a total failure so the Republicans can lose next year's elections.