Is Bush a Christian?

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  1. Some of the nation’s most prominent evangelical leaders were known in the office of presidential political strategist Karl Rove as “the nuts.”

    “National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as ‘ridiculous,’ ‘out of control,’ and just plain ‘goofy,’” Kuo writes.

    More seriously, Kuo alleges that then-White House political affairs director Ken Mehlman knowingly participated in a scheme to use the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and taxpayer funds, to mount ostensibly “nonpartisan” events that were, in reality, designed with the intent of mobilizing religious voters in 20 targeted races.

    With the exception of one reporter from the Washington Post, Kuo says the media were oblivious to the political nature and impact of his office’s events, in part because so much of the debate centered on issues of separation of church and state.
  2. he says he prays for guidance every day. what more do they want?
  3. He prays, how? via a quigi board ? what a F'ing joke and the morons just believe what a career politician says. Only in the USA....
  4. "Religion is regarded by the common man as true, the wise man as false, and the rulers as useful."

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    I have been saying for a few years now that I think Bush is faking his religion stuff.

    Rove created it as a way for him to shake his party boy image.
  6. It's not for us to question the sincerety of another person's faith, although whenever I saw Clinton exiting the church across Lafayette Park from the White House with his enormous 20 pound Bible, I had to remind myself of that.

    Evangelicals have been largely disappointed in Bush and the Republican congress. Other than some judges that will be marginally less likely to invent ridiculous Separation Clause doctrines, Bush has done little for them. Not only has he not produced, he has been asleep at the switch when important values were attacked by his own administration. For example, he allowed the Defense Department to promulgate rules that barred military chaplins from publicly praying in Jesus's name.

    For someone who is regularly attacked as a whacko Christian crusader trying to establish a theocracy, Bush has done some odd things. He allowed both Afghanistan and Iraq to write constitutions that established islamic states with sharia law. He allowed Iraq's govenrment to be divided along religious lines, thus erasing the one positive aspect of Saddam Hussein's rule. Now we face nonstop sectarian strife in Iraw, with shias and sunnis fighting to the death for control with militias funded by Iran and others.

    If the Republicans lose the elections because of unethusiastic turnout by their Evangelical base, they will only have to look into the mirror to assess blame.
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    Why is not for me to question the sincerity of anothers mans belief.

    I am not saying how God will hold him accountable, I have just noticed the type of baloney that only someone who was faking it, could do. I have said more than once to myself that no one who really believed would do or say what he said.

    I have also noticed that when he had a chance to have a litmus test for the Supreme court he tried to appoint a non entity who perhaps was a liberal in Rove's clothing. When he wanted us to take him at his word, that she was a righteous pick... I knew for sure he was full of shit.
  8. When he has the nuke button and he "talks to God" and he is the President of the USA – bet ya we can question everything about him including his religious beliefs or the faking of them. And guess what! After his term expires I sure hope the left will sue him. By the way you guys are f'ing insane to bring up Clinton when anything ugly comes up with the GOP revolution. It is comical!
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    Bush is or isn't christian up to the point where another christian says so. When the general consensus agrees things are going well or just ok, even where war death and carnage is involved , a christian will confirm christianity at work. But when Bush messes up - not christian no more. Or of course Bush was faking his christianity. That's all it takes .
  10. Am I a Christian?

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