Is Bright trading right for me?

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  1. I have been trading by myself for a while now with questionable results. Brite Trading seems to have a training program that would really help me out. Can someone here share me the details for Brite? I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I had talked to Bright Trading when I was looking for a prop firm to join. Ultimately, the deciding factor was location (I ended up in the LA office of Assent.)

    But of the requirements I remember, you need to put up $25k capital deposit and you'll be required to take Series 7 (which is pretty much how all prop firms are now with the SEC rules.) They offer a training course which lasts a couple weeks. You also get a buying power of $1 million (which as Don likes to say: to use, not abuse. Sorry Don, but I always got a kick out of that.) As for their trading methodology.. I'm not sure what they use. If Don wants to fill in any blanks, I'm sure he'll respond here eventually.
  3. Where is "Don Brite"? :D

  4. Just give me a call to discuss....all this is simply a business decision, and I'll be glad to share what we do and how we do it. Bright Trading is a great fit for a lot of traders I guesss, based on our longevity and number of successful traders....maybe not for everyone, but that's understandable.

    I receive between 10 and 30 phone calls each day from those who are interested in trading for a living...some like what we offer, some may not, but either way, I do my best to "tell it like it is" ---nothing more, nothing less.

    All the best everyone...

    Don 702.739.1393
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    Lots of calls I bet, many people want to trade for themselves and need leverage. It is a very profitable business for BT. They charge brokerage to traders with no risks to themselves, it’s great.

    Like IB, they do well too just don’t extend leverage- rather sell access.

    Bright is like an education house- they charge for that too. Plus desk fee's odds haircut fee's etc. They wouldn’t spend time on ET if it were not worth the efforts-
    Not that it’s a bad thing....

    But anytime you get involved in starting in a business- like any "franchise" the corporate knows the success rates of each owner....... bright churns the franchisee for money in my opinion and tells you nothing about real success rate in the “business” of trading with leverage.

  6. wrong.. do a search. bright is worthy of some criticism but this concern is not valid. a beginner has a much much higher chance of success with Bright than being on his own. they do not churn... it is in their interest for a trader to become successful long term. they prefer relationships versus churn and burn. leverage is a none issue... if you are irresponsible with leverage.. you wont have it for long... LOL trust me.
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    ratboy88- thanks

    So how can you verify- any experience other than tust me ? !
  8. Would Bright Trading take anyone off the street with 25k?

    Would you take someone that spelled the name of your firm wrong?
  9. :D So much for due dilly.
  10. I was just about to make mention of that little fact, thanks for beating me to the punch! :p

    The guy is most likely a troll ... but on the off hand that he does have the money (always possible), I'm sure Bright Trading (and the markets) would LOVE the liquidity he's about to provide. :) ... Yum, Yum.
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