is Brexit still happening?

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    I thought the deadline was March 31st. Now they say the Oct 31st deadline will no longer be met?

    Is the new PM even on the side of the leavers? Do they think if they delay this enough, they can stop it from happening or have another vote? nigel farage's party won by a landslide so don' they have enough clout in parliament right now to force a deal though?

    Anyone know who's preventing it? lol
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    The EU is flexible in extending the deadline; it's possible it could be extended well into next year.

    The PM is very much on the side of leave! He's being blocked from all sides.

    Either another referendum or a general election is likely.

    Nigel Farage's party did not win by a landslide in UK elections, which is what counts. UKIP had one seat in 2015. His new party is the Brexit Party, which has zero seats.


    Party Seats
    Conservative 288
    Labour 247
    Independent 35
    Scottish National Party 35
    Liberal Democrat 17
    Democratic Unionist Party 10
    Sinn Féin 7
    The Independent Group for Change 5
    Plaid Cymru 4
    Green Party 1
    Speaker 1
    Total number of seats 650

    Many of the Independents were Conservatives until they were booted out for voting against the government.

    The problem has always been the majority of MPs (and the public) never wanted Brexit.
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    So what's the point in having a vote in the first place if they won't deliver on the terms of theirs defeat? Now it raises another problem. Your vote means nothing. If the US followed these rules they would still be deciding who'll be president! Enough people liked Hillary right? Total bs.
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    If they'd held a referendum for a no deal Brexit what do you think the outcome would have been? We have parliament's and congresses because there have to be some adults in the room when the people vote for something undoable. If they held a referendum requiring the government to cure cancer and they figured out the only way it was possible to do it was to kill everyone with cancer should the government continue to blindly follow "the will of the people?" Hold another referendum to vote on a no deal Brexit, what are you afraid of given you're all about the will of the people?
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    If the US followed the rules you want the UK to follow (referendum by popular vote), Hillary would be president.
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    Is Brexit still happening? After over three years, the answer is "WTFK?" I'll leave it to you to puzzle out the acronym.
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    So bascially you're saying people don't know what they voted for and they put an impossible deal up for a vote 3 years ago because they didn't think they'd lose. That's like me betting more than i have in poker and saying it's the winner's fault for betting against me in the first place.
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    Um, no, nothing like that at all. The referendum was a vote telling the government to do something impossible. To their credit, they tried to do it anyway. They failed, now it's time for the grownups in the room to stop trying to do what the majority of the country clearly doesn't want, a hard Brexit. If you'd done a referendum on if the UK should declare war on Germany the week before they invaded Poland, would you insist Parliament hold to the "will of the people" after Dunkirk? If a referendum in the US on going to war with Japan had been held in August of 1941 you'd insist the US government hold to that on Dec 7th? Reality changes over time, and the reality today is completely different than when the Brexit vote was held, that's undeniable even by the most rabid Brexit fanboy. Again, you're terrified that if the vote goes down on if the people want a hard Brexit that it will lose badly, you're in fact as certain of that as the rest of us in the rest of the world are as evidenced by how much you are against asking them (and refusing to answer the question). And yet you have the hypocrisy to say that the government should continue down a path that clearly the majority no longer want and you will do anything to make sure the people don't get to vote to tell you that, but somehow you're the ones for democracy and representation! Oh, and suspend Parliament just before the biggest issue in decades happens and threaten not to follow the laws they've passed if you don't agree with them....because that represents true democracy. We're certainly a laughingstock here in the US with Trump, but you all are giving him a run for his money with the idiocy!
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    PM Wants to leave with NO Deal, go on BBC News a document has leaked as to what is expected if NO Deal happens, it's not a nice read, basically we all starve and get charged a lot more for everything, big time worse off.

    Vote got in, as people didn't bother to vote leave, cause not many would be stupid enough to want to leave they thought, pretty much everyone that didn't bother to done is in the remain camp, so the public do not want it, just the racist or stupid side, mainly old people.

    Majorly lied to, amounts 300Mil this and that, going out even with a deal is going to cost us 100x's more in tarrifs. sounds like huge amounts to Jo public, but in reality it's peanuts.

    Truth is we do better off financially, as the EU pays us more than we pay them, but ofcourse that was hushed up.

    Madness, people are stupid and shouldn't be allowed to make decisions.

    And PM's should do what is best for there public, not go against us for back handers :(

    PM Caught literally lying to the damn Queen, does he get shot in the head for that crime ?? no likely a pay rise, he needs shooting in the head IMHO!!!
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    You living in a cave or too poor to afford internet? Can't tell if this is a real question or just chalking up views on a slow day at ET.
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