Is BRCM finished?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by a529612, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. 52-week low...
  2. hehe you still long from 40?
  3. I've been selling CC against the stock since 50. Still no one wants to take this POS away from me. I may roll down to July 25 CC tomorrow and get out. :(
  4. welcome back webb'o; long time no see.
  5. the human fade, bitchstream is back. The same guy who was bullish as get all in mid-may, ROFL.
  6. Bitchslapped posted the following jibberish on May 13, 2006, ROFL. Check your charts. What a FADE!!!:

    nothin' has changed a shite...fundamentals still same'n'pointin' at a strong eco, we know earnings have been strong'n'many companies raised their fcats so we'll have to wait for next earnings season results before callin' for a crash. now without any new data overtrowin' all da goodies this mkt has given us so far...we cud go down some more but we won't tumble at least for da time being..if a lot of companies will miss expectation by a mile on next qt report, then we cud enter a bear mkt but, again, u deluded if u think we doomed right now.

    u'll get crushed once again when mkt will rebound from da lows'n'takes out all u ladybabies lookin' to revenge trade this monster that has raped u for so long.
  7. capmac


    BRCM is finished alright...along with 95% of the tech stocks on the Nasdaq.
  8. Nasdaq sees 1750 by labor day. Maybe 1300 by end of the year.
  9. dimeo


    BRCM finished? What loony tune planet you from? The latest trend doesn't tell you everything you need to know.
    It WAS overpriced. Hence the price correction. Currently: it is looking fair value based on current financial stats:

    Price to earnings growth (PEG) ratio: 0.7
    Profit Margin 16%
    5 year future earnings growth rate of >25%
  10. nassau


    would tend to agree with you, see brcm bottom around 17 or 35dollar range with out the split.
    what is interesting is how many of the stocks have fallen re options back dating..brcm,mrvl,npsp,etc and of course rmbs

    interesting how analysis upgrade them just before the fall...
    we are writting aug/sept puts on the above
    as they should have good rebounds next few months..
    we are also very concerned with just how many of the nasdaq stocks have options, legal etc problems. The big boys are making a killing....literally

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