Is BracketTrader working with IB?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by DonKee, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. DonKee


    I tried out BracketTrader awhile back and was trying to give it another go on Friday.

    1) I was unable to get quotes to load from IB

    2) I re-installed

    3) I checked the forums on the BT site

    4) I saw a topic titled "Unable to get IB data to work"

    5) I saw posts that others were having the same problem, but no resolution from "larrysys".

    Just wondering if BT is working with IB and if anyone had the data problem, what was the fix?

  2. It's been working well for me. Let me ask you this before we go any further, did you ever have it working?? the reason I ask is that there a few things you have to enable in IB to get it going.
  3. Many months ago I attempted to install BT on a new PC as I have several times on other PC's after reformatting, etc.

    Never had a problem before, can't remember the installation and post installation now, I didn't want to bother with it yet so far.

    I think you still have to install IB software 1st in proper order as well as BT software(s) in proper order.
  4. Tums


    note on



    If this is your first time trying out the Interactive Brokers TWS + Bracket Trader system, go to the Getting Started page.

  5. DonKee


    Yes, it worked fine when I originally did the set-up.
  6. tortoise


    Ditto here for "no problems". I've found Bracket Trader to be pretty sweet. As for IB...well, that's another discussion.
  7. Spunky


    I've used Bracket Trader with IB for 2 or 3 years now and found Bracket Trader to be sweet also and IB is the greatest.