Is Bloomberg taking a swipe at CNBC?

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  1. Has anyone seen the Bloomberg promo TV ad that goes along the line of "we take the market seriously not like a game"? Is Bloomberg taking a swipe at CNBC's Portfolio Challenge?
  2. Bloomberg doesn't have to even bother with CNBC.

    I predict that as Bloomberg becomes standard on more cable packages, they will surely and steadily erode CNBCs Circus Like coverage of the markets, with CNBCs repertoire of accompanying clowns such as Jim Cramer, Dennis Neale, Larry Kudlow....and so forth.

    The only credible people CNBC has who deserve to be taken credibly are Rick Santelli and Steve Liesman, even if they are often at odds, and even if Liesman more often than not tows the official fed line - at least he uses data to support his arguments.

    Pisani is a real tool, and don't even get me started on the joke that is the 'Fast Money' crowd. No wonder Eric Bolling left - he discovered it was tarnishing his image. Say what you will about Bolling, but he made some damn good calls more often than not.

    Try to think of one person, just one, on Bloomberg, who doesn't do a good job, whether a straight up reporter, or analyst.
  3. He left for money and went to FBN. :D
  4. Seriously?

    Well, that's disappointing. Rupert Murdoch wants to use FBN as a tool to put an optimistic spin on business news, because he has claimed that CNBC (this is rich) is too pessimistic.

    Yes, Rupert, that's just what we need - another editorialized medium for you to pass off as objective 'news,' rather than reporting and interpreting the data, as Bloomberg does.

    Lead those sheeple down the path of slaughter in the financial markets. Maybe you can bring Countrywide, Ambac, MBIA and BSC back from the dead.
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    Bloomberg and Bloomberg International is all one needs for the TV spectrum. CNBC is for saps.
  6. Mark it down. GE will jettison CNBC very soon. It's a pimple on their ass, and a lot of sins will be exposed soon. Sins, liabilities............ not worth it.

    They had the franchise, and they made a mockery of it. Remember. Murdoch just didn't show up for the hell of it. He's got it figured. And Fox is getting better. It sucks, but it's getting better.

  7. bloomberg tv is set up for the people who have a bloomberg terminal, i know thats a small amount of people, but thats what bloomberg says
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    Today Joe was golfing on cnbc, I thought I had on espn...I was like wtf.....pretty sad..
  9. Erin Burnett is cnbc's most valuable ASSet if you know what i mean hehe:D :D :D :D :D
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