Is Bloomberg becoming another CNBC?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by MakPMil, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Now Bloomberg is slowly, but surely becoming CNBC lite. The new newsroom setup in the morning, the ticker, now the Charlie Rose replays at night, etc. Bloomberg was refreshing when I discovered in July with its straightfoward style, but now I'm slowly tuning out. :( :confused:

    Your thoughts....
  2. Yes if they start showing cleavage
  3. rickf


    I think that's their plan - I recall reading something a few months ago how they wanted to spruce up their news outlet and do more 'news' outside the business world.

    Frankly, I think it's a mistake -- Bloomberg targets PROFESSIONALS; CNBC targets amateurs. Their broadcast-from-the-lobby in the morning is so CNBC-like it's sickening, and their new ticker is horrible. (I hate how they show percentage up/down on the futures as opposed to the actual points up/down -- who cares if the SPX is up .29%, tell me 1.28 or something useful!)

    At least we still get *some* Asian market coverage in the nighttime for the moment -- but I don't know how long that will last.

    Fingers crossed, but not feeling optimistic.
  4. Bloomberg is a sellout, a scumbag and currently a crazed, power hungry despot.

    He is most likely going to spend $100 million dollars (currently the tab is at $65 million) to maintain his power base and position as Mayor of NYC. So it shouldn't surprise you that he will do anything he can to bring in more revenue, including dumbing down his financial news service, because he has shown that he really doesn't have respect for anyone but himself. :mad:
  5. ..........................................................

    What would be useful....

    would be a fact based only wiki format....

    Not to eliminate the dumb money programs....the more the better....

    But to have at least one fact based program....

    Would be very helpful....

    And at the min....have the fact based wiki format available on the internet....
  6. Nothing can be as bad as CNBS.

    Bloomberg is my serenity.

    I do hope CNBS is off the air soon, for their sake, and more importantly, the sake of all who listen to the talking heads they trot out daily.
  7. I realized early in my trading career that I would have to turn them off (and just trade purely off of the technicals) if I ever hoped to succeed as a trader ... and I am glad to say, it's working. :p :D
  8. they no longer show overnight pricing and indicies in a manner that is intelligent,

    this new format is for non-financial types, people who are impressed just to see anything financial, instead of being the preferred site to go to for information and news

    something changed for the absolute worse
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    New ticker sucks. Takes too long to get info from it now.
  10. cstfx


    They now have Margaret Brennan for the eye candy crowd.
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