Is Bill Clinton a bigot?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wildchild, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. wildchild


    After all he signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

    Not only that, Rahm Emanuel was one his senior advisers when Clinton actually signed the bill into law. I think Rahm should resign as mayor since the administration he was a senior member of took such an action. Being a member of the Clinton adminstration "does not represent Chicago values".
  2. Lucrum


    Rule of bigotry and racism

    1)only conservative white males can be bigots or racists
  3. Awwww, lil lukie feels picked on:D
  4. Yeah, Bill Clinton is a bigot in this case. The man IS from Arkansas, so what would you expect?
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Plus he is a democrat which means the the odds he enjoys fucking over black people is 100%

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  6. Southern Democrat would be a more accurate description. There were still a few stragglers who would have not defected. Clinton was a master politician, but he locked up more black men in his first term than Reagan did in his two terms combined.

    I know about Bill Clinton. It appears you do too. So you would not be surprised at the animus the Clinton's had against Obama.

    Just one more reason why the birther claim is just stupid. If the Clintons, and their house negroes could have gotten Obama, they would have.
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    RCG enjoys getting fucked, why do you think he dresses in nurses drag?
  8. wildchild


    So let me get this straight. You determine if someone is a bigot based on where they are from. You are the bigot.
  9. Sigh, culture breeds bigotry.
  10. wildchild


    Then what is the culture of politics in Chicago and what does that say about Obama?
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